30% stronger
Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and stronger than titanium, giving you our strongest pool ever. Our pools offer increased strength and rigidity of the pools structure and higher impact and flexural strength.
30% lighter
Graphene is surprisingly light, giving our pools exceptional strength without added weight. Our pools are lighter making transport and crane lifts more efficient.
Higher resistence
A Graphene Nano-Tech pool has higher resistance to water and moisture transpiration and chemical attack. Offering increased laminate durability and improved corrosion barrier.
Graphene Nano-Tech is a revolutionary process infusing graphene into every Aqua Technics pool. Graphene is the strongest material known to man and we have incorporated this nano-material to create our strongest pool ever built. With high-performing flexural strength, the pool is lighter, stronger and built like no other pool before. This ground-breaking, patent pending manufacturing process is the next generation of fiberglass pool technology.
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